Yusuf Duru

Traditional Turkish Theater @  Semerkant Television

He was born in 1967. He got his first taste of theater when he performed a simple monologue for a class presentation in the third grade in primary school. His adventure with the Traditional Turkish Theatre began in 1995. He has started to be closely interested in and carry out researches on this branch of the art of theater ever since. He chose Public Storytelling (Meddahlık) as a profession..
In 2010, he performed public storytelling, Karagoz shadow play and orta oyunu (a type of traditional folk theatre in the Ottoman era) within the scope of the event of Buruciye Summer Evenings which was specific to the month of Ramadan and organized by a committee established by the General Directorate of Research and Training, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism. He was officially granted the title of “Public Storyteller of the Traditional Theatre” by the jury established under the body of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism within the scope of the Holders of Intangible Cultural Heritage Project within the same year. He was regarded as the “World Artist of the Holders of Intangible Cultural Heritage” by UNESCO.Yusuf Duru continues to work as a cultural ambassador in order to introduce the Turkish Folk Culture, Traditional Turkish Theatre and Public Storytelling to the new generations and to the world by organizing tours and shows in Turkey and Europe.