Şafak Tavkul

Animation and Illustration @ Kültür University

Şafak Tavkul, born in 1963, is the first and only artist in Turkey to have opened a Storyboard Exhibition. Following his graduation from the TED Ankara College, he continued his studies for four years at the Department of Painting of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Mimar Sinan University, and for a further one year each at the Departments of Industrial Design, Interior Architecture and Sculpture. In 1991, he has become entitled to receive the service awards in the “Cartoon Films” category, which is awarded by the Children’s Foundation to 40 individuals who serves the best for the world of children in the Republican history. With his book, The Child’s Prayer, he was granted the “Best Illustrated Children’s Book Award” of the Union of Children’s Literature. Şafak Tavkul is currently offering animation and illustration lectures at the Department of Communication Arts at İstanbul Kültür University. Şafak Tavkul is married and has two children.