İzzet Boğazlıyanlıoğlu

Product Manager @ Mayadem

Having more than ten years of local and international experience regarding product, service, project and business development in the areas of telecommunication, internet and information technologies; entrepreneurship, investment and support process management; R&D and innovation management, İzzet Boğazlıyanoğlu worked as a Strategic Planning Specialist, Brand Manager, Coordinator, Product Development Manager, Technology/Integration/Project Advisor, Board Member and Country Manager at leading companies and promising businesses such as TTNET, Türk Telekom, Red Bull, Maxwell, and Mayadem during his career.
Throughout his time at TTNET, he managed the E-Books, Mobile Music, Clarify Your Future, Partner Ecosystem and Playstore projects, and the Mobile Application Development Unit he had founded has achieved millions of downloads in number, and developed more than 30 Mobile Applications.Finally, he worked as a Country Manager in charge of the mobile applications at Maxwell Forest, which is a San Francisco-U.S.A. based technology company developing high-tech and patented products/services for companies such as American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Apple, Motorola, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone.
He currently works as a Product Manager at Mayadem, which is a digital education and entertainment company that produces game-based applications for children by combining innovative technologies with the best educational practices. Together with expert teachers, child psychologists, educators and game designers the company aims to implement the concept of Play-Discover-Learn through the development of applications for children that meet the mental and emotional developmental needs of the child, and to develop this model under Turkey’s leadership initially through the entire region and eventually on a global scale.