İsmail Fidan

Producer and Director @ İSF STUDİOS

He graduated from the Department of Statistics and Computer Sciences, Karadeniz Technical University in Trabzon. He completed his master’s degree in the Department of Public Administration and Political Sciences at Atilim University in Ankara. He worked as a professional photographer for approximately 4 years during his university education. He held various roles in the areas of editorship, photography, design and typesetting for the magazine “Isabet” published by the Statistics and Computer Sciences Club. He started his career in 3D animation with his graduation thesis entitled “Character Modeling and Animation in 3D Max Software” he had carried out during his university education, and gave seminars on this subject. He worked as a technical director in numerous projects both in and out of Turkey, and made contributions to the industry with the new softwares and systems he had developed under his own name. In 2012, he founded his own company named ISF STUDIOS. He currently works as a producer and director at ISF STUDIOS.