Dilek Kırcaoğlu

Psychological Counselor @ Koru Children's Playhouse

She graduated from the Department of Psychological Counselling and Guidance at Marmara University in 1989. She attended applied training sessions on personality, intelligence, attention and perception (Rorschach, T.A.T., Cattel, …etc.) tests at the Psychology Research Laboratory of the Istanbul Medical Faculty (ÇAPA) at Istanbul University. She received training on Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama at the groups of Moreno Institute formed in Turkey. She had trainings at the Spastic Children’s Foundation of Turkey and Society for the Protection of Austistic Children. Having attended various seminars, she received trainings on creativity, training of the teachers, classroom management and organization, and communication skills. She helped program and conduct subjects regarding non-rote learning, high scope, active learning, teaching methods, communication, training of teachers and parents, and the selection of teachers at schools where she worked. She created programs for numerous television and radio channels. Her articles were published in various magazines, newspapers and websites, and she worked as a newspaper columnist. She currently provides individual and group counseling; trainings for families and adults, also continues her work in kindergartens. She is the author of two books titled “Growing up with Children” and “Solitude Therapy”.